Hemingway Project Interviews

My interest in Hemingway is fairly new, but surprisingly fierce. To prepare for a trip to Spain, I re-read A Moveable Feast, and that was when I truly fell in love with Hemingway. (I have fallen out of love with him a few times too, but more about that later). On my trip I happened to be in more than one place where people were debating Hemingway and his work. These were spontaneous conversations that included American, Australian, Spanish, and French people of both genders. The passion and intensity of these conversations was as if the handsome Mr. Hemingway had just been there last week, not eighty years ago!

This experience got me started, and as I brought up Hemingway in conversation, I realized that people loved to talk about him. My goal for this blog is to explore the relationship we have with Hemingway and his work. Hemingway is a perfect subject because when we interact with him, we are inspired not only by his writing and his life, but also his myth. All of these qualities make Hemingway, and the people who love him, an interesting subject. The interviews give me a chance to explore Hemingway’s impact person by person.

If this blog were a photograph, Hemingway would certainly be in it, but not at the center. In the center are you and I; people who read about him and make him part of our own life’s story. I hope my interviews can portray the breadth and depth of his influence on people from all walks of life. There is no doubt that I will often be interviewing people who know much, much more about Hemingway than I do. We all agree that his life was extraordinary, but some of the stories of people’s relationship to him today are equally interesting to me. I have really enjoyed these interviews and have been amazed at the depth of feeling people bring to the subject of Hemingway.


Interview – Aubrey Powell and Chris Cary, Bull Runners of Pamplona

Interview – Bob Orlin, Painter

Interview – Brian Gordon Sinclair, Hemingway on stage

Interview – David Lansing, Travel Writer

Interview – David Meeker, Nick Adams & Co. Rare Books

Interview – Denise C on The Lost Generation 

Interview – Hannah Miet, Fuck yeah, Hemingway!

Interview – Jerome Tuccile, author of Portrait of Hemingway as a young man

Interview – Joe Haldeman, author of The Hemingway Hoax

Interview – John Hemingway, author of Strange Tribe

Interview – John Sanford on Hemingway’s early life

Interview – Joseph Grant, Writer

Interview – Kiril Sokoloff, on Alice Sokoloff

Interview – Kirk Curnutt on Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, and the Lost Generation

Interview – Marty Peterson – Hemingway from Cuba to Idaho

Interview – Mike Curry, Hemingway in Key West

Interview – Paco Pereda, Bullfighting and Hemingway from a Spanish perspective

Interview – Paula Mclain, author of The Paris Wife

Interview - Rene and Raul Villarreal, authors of Hemingway’s Cuban Son

Interview – Rick Skwiot, author of The Key West Story

Interview – Ruth Hawkins, author of Unbelievable Happiness and Finla Sorrow: The Hemingway-Pfeiffer marriage

Interview - Ernest Hemingway and Allen Josephs: Coming of age in Spain