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Hadley Talks about Paris, Red Beans & Beer

Hadley Talks about Paris, Red Beans & Beer

Although every single word in the Hadley Tapes is a treasure for fans and scholars alike, I am finding it harder to find clips that tell a complete story. The conversations between Alice and Hadley are often disordered and jumbled, partly because Hadley is trying to remember things on the spot that happened fifty years before. Verbal conversations, especially between friends, tend to wander and jump around in time. Splicing the tapes together by subject might make research easier, but it does not preserve the priceless interaction between these two friends, who have so much in common and enjoy each other so much. But even the details of Hadley’s most ordinary stories fascinate me and I’ll bet they will you, too –

In this audio clip, Alice asks Hadley about the foods they ate in Paris and where they liked to eat, and how Ernest changed when he met “the rich”. No wonder he romanticized his life before his success! Hadley doesn’t tell us anything new; this audio clip is simply a glimpse of their life then, during those Paris years – a neighborhood, a time, and a place far away and long ago. Enjoy!


Click here to listen to Hadley audio: Hadley: Red Beans and Beans