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Hadley talks about Pauline and says something surprising

Hadley talks about Pauline and says something surprising

Hi Friends,

Thank you to reader “Charles” who left a comment on the blog a few weeks ago and let me know that several of the links I have posted with Hadley Audio don’t work! I have used an online media storage service to save all of the audio material, and unfortunately, they went out of business abruptly, leaving me no way to contact them and no way to retrieve my work. My son has been helping me painstakingly do everything over, and we have every single link working again except three: Hadley’s response to a Moveable Feast, A French Divorce, and “Bumby is born. I noticed that the audio clips take a minute to start, and many are difficult to hear, so be patient! We’re still working on it –

It’s been a long tike since I have posted clips of Hadley talking to Alice Sokoloff (Hadley’s first biographer) about Hadley bittersweet five year marriage to Ernest Hemingway. I am really pleased to start posting the audio again. This particular clip really surprised me, and I’m still trying to figure out if I believe it or not. What do you think?

Click below to listen to Hadley talk:

(The Hadley tapes belong to the Hemingway Collection at the JFK Library in Boston)